We at TATSUMI MARINE CO., LTD. are committed to ensuring that personal information is protected in accordance with the privacy policy explained below.

(1) Observance of Laws and Regulations
  We observe Japanfs Act on Protection of Personal Information (gPersonal Information Protection Lawh) as well as other related laws and regulations and government guidelines.  
(2) Purpose of Use of Personal Information
  We use personal information for the following purposes:  
  • To provide company reports and/or to execute processing, as required, for clients.
  • To execute necessary processing of recruitment, employment management, and/or labor management.
  • To introduce business activities and matters related to our company.
(3) Protection of Personal Information
  In order to secure the accuracy and safety of the personal information for which we are responsible, we make every effort to consistently implement information security measures and safety measures including the prevention of unauthorized access to the personal information, divulgence, destruction, or other misuse or misappropriation of such information.  
(4) Education and Training of Employees

In order to ensure appropriate handling of personal information, all relevant staff members of our company are educated and trained to strictly observe and uphold all applicable laws and regulations as well as the management system we have established for the protection of such information.  

April 1, 2014

Hiroaki Kambara